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Our Proposal Managers are the best at their craft.


End-to-End proposal services including; qualifying your opportunity and assessing your chances for success; kick-off, content management, editing and graphic design, printing and delivery services.  Our team manages expectations and success.  Aligning with your team and to ensure a compliant proposal that tells your story.


Once engaged, we align with your team to guide you through the proposal process.  Best practices and lessons learned have provided us with a wealth of knowledge of how best to pursue an opportunity and its associated tasks.   We integrate with team and work with all stakeholders to ensure timelines and expectations are met on time.

We are the help you need.


Our Proposal Managers are experienced and the best at their craft.    Contracts ranging from $250k to $250M are all treated with the same care and diligence.  Prescribing to the same methodology and working as a team for almost a decade, you will benefit from a team of experts that understand the artifact is only as good as the process that went into its creation.


Qualifying your opportunity

Rendering whether you have an opportunity at winning is just as important as going through the motions and writing a compliant proposal.  Dependent on the sector, and who has tendered.